The ideal world of email validation is valid and invalid categories. But in reality, there are other segments. One of them is “Unknown”. We are constantly upgrading our service to reduce the number of “unknown” status codes and convert them to valid or invalid ones.

We validate each “unknown” email address up to 3 times to ensure there is no way to validate it. Besides that, we have added a new (and free) feature to our service.

We have added some powerful dedicated engines for “unknown” emails. Once the regular validation is finished, in case your email list is eligible according to its validation results, DeBounce starts to re-validate all “unknown” emails again - automatically - using dedicated servers. Our tests show that the unknown rate is reduced by at least 50% in different cases.

In case you have not enough time to wait, you can abort the validation process as always.

Enjoy the re-validation feature and let us know if you have any suggestions.